ABB DCS differences in short

There are many ABB Distributed Control Systems (DCS) which are one way or the other different either in term of use or area of application.

The main active systems are:

  • Symphony Plus is a large, full-blown DCS for power and water industries.
  • 800xA is another large scale system for more or less every possible application with capabilities for migration of every heritage ABB system to it.
  • Freelance is a DCS for smaller aplications with much different architecture from both above systems and emphasizing ease of use.

It’s worth mentioning that the hardware of various systems could be mixed with the topside DAQ part of the other. For example 800xA to be used to supervise both 800xA and Freelance hardware, to enjoy the 800xA vast features for operators and analysis of data.

More info could be found at ABB DCS web page

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