“If stalemate continues, Republicans should go to 51% (Nuclear Option) and vote on real, long term budget, no C.R.’s!”

Test text:

ADDED: I’m trying to read the NYT article on the shutdown, “Bitter Bickering Muddies the Path to Ending the Government Shutdown.”

The immediate cause of the shutdown, which began at 12:01 a.m. Saturday after Senate Democrats blocked consideration of a House-passed stopgap measure, was a dispute over spending. But it was a stalemate over immigration policy, the topic that propelled Mr. Trump’s political rise and has dominated his first 12 months as president, that snarled the negotiations, as the president vacillated over what approach he should take and advisers including Mr. Kelly counseled a harder line.

Wait. The immediate cause of the shutdown wasSenate Democrats blocked consideration of a House-passed stopgap measure. What’s all that other material?! The Democrats blocked the vote that would have avoided the shutdown. That’s clear, and one answer is, go to majority voting so this chaos isn’t inflicted on us. Or is the shutdown just political theater that doesn’t really mean anything?

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