In the future, shopping in a store will look like shoplifting.

Test text:

BBC reports on the Amazon Go store that’s being tested in Seattle:

On entering the store, shoppers walk through gates similar to those in the London underground, swiping their smartphones loaded with the Amazon Go app. Then they are free to put any of the sandwiches, salads, drinks and biscuits on the shelves straight into their own shopping bags.

There’s no need for a trolley or basket, since you won’t be unpacking it again at the till… With the help of sensors on the shelves, items are added to customers’ Amazon Go account as they pick them up – and delete any they put back. And an electronic receipt is issued as they exit….

Does it really work?

But there were some… problems with correctly identifying shoppers of similar body types – and children moving items to the wrong places on shelves, according to an Amazon insider.

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Author: (Ann Althouse)

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